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May 6, 2018 B.F.A. Thesis Show, Alfred University School of Art and Design, Alfred, NY

This immersive installation placed the viewer in a colorful room with artificial wooden floors. Paper mache monitor covers grew over C.R.T. monitors broadcasting three television channels. 

The designs and videos, while playful, awkward, or fantastical, echoed elements of queer theory and resistance. A house burning down, floors giving way, rainbow faces, transforming's a playhouse for the imagination redux an LGBTQ+ adult may have to go through. 

To create confetti, one must cut up a 'whole' of some kind into many, small pieces. They are then thrown, scattered, released, as a sign of celebration. 
Surrounding oneself with glittering, colorful pieces meant for marvel, meant for party, meant for joy. 

Videos from installation: found here, here, and here. 
Drawings birthed from this installation: found here. 


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