Charlie Best is an artist and seamstrix* living and working on what has come to be known as Buffalo, NY, which resides on Haudenosaunee land. 

Charlie's multi disciplinary practice interrupts the gender binary, lack of imagination, and other ills that lurk in the common cultural forms of the oppressive systems found in the U.S.

Richard Scarry illustrations, men’s shirts, catholic mass, and network television are just some of what awaits the cut of the scissors, analog or digital. This work expresses humor, ecstasy, pain, curiosity, with interest weighted towards process rather than perfection.

This nonbinary and nonlinear imagination practice creates mundane and spectacular works. Sculpture, video, textiles, and works on paper hold equal footing. He believes understanding the connections between transgender and queer politics and visual culture is crucial for political interruption and future building.

By putting cultural shards together in ways they were never anticipated to meet, we practice skills of construction and dreaming that are vital to survival and celebration alike. Cutting, pasting, researching, and assembly are all required of us. 

*person who creates garments, wearables, and textile/fiber art, primarily through sewing 

photo by Kaitlyn Lowe

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